About Us

Constantly finding ways on how we can convert our brand into a platform of which not only helps us connect with our audience, but to also educate, inspire and hopefully create a positive impact through fashion and our brand as a whole.

With the first collection heavily influenced by renaissance (hence Renaissance I), centering the design with an inspired 'The Last Supper' starring Hip Hop’s most influential, we decidedly are still running with that theme.

Renaissance II took a significant amount of time, teamwork, and creativity for us to really come up with design manifolds that not only looked great but also told a story that could be framed and be worn.

SAINT, takes your favorite streetwear icons and stories and breathes them into life with creative narratives that we hope everyone can wear. All about individuality and art expression, we want to show you some ‘same same but different’ on a new canvas. After all, SAINT is not just glorified streetwear; it's practical, it's for everyone.